Counselor, Mental Health Practitioner Certified Life Coach

Hi, and Welcome. I’m Jeanie, I have 35 years in the field of Social work/Counselor. Helping families, children and individuals with life skills. BSW, degree in Mental Health/ Human Services.
Transitioned in 2016, to being a Trauma to healing Life Coaching, myself and team of co -workers make coats for homeless people around the world, I truly enjoy helping people and have dedicated my life to continue helping other’s

I also, help, animals, I overcame my fear of Pitbulls instead started rescuing Pitbull dogs for 2 years…( I wouldn’t suggest any one try this though I developed a report and way of gaining their trust, after being chased on several occasions, One, day I just stopped and turned around and faced the Pitbull and my fear,that was chasing me down the street…and said, “look dog, I am not running any more!” …He turned his head from side to side and just looked at me…
lol. Trying to get some understanding…then, I said if you want to come home with me…you, can and he did! His, name was Free, my first rescue, I had him for four years, after that I would rescue , clean them up and train other Pitbulls as well, and would call Animal rescue, I had them on speed dial and the Pitbulls would be adopted out. That, was rewarding me and gave me a type of courage, I never experienced before. “Sometimes our hardest moments become our strongest moments.” I am here at Talktime to help listen and learn.
Thank you!