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Hi all

I am interested in knowing if anyone has actually worked with real clients on this platform, or if it is best used for chats and support here and there.

I’ve only seen people express interest in help offered on occasion, and even then almost always when the services offered are free. The marketing I’ve seen for this website is targeted at people looking to sell services. People almost never come here looking to buy. I think the site and the community model they propose are good ideas, but this community has zero buyer/seller balance to it. It’s a good place for getting people’s opinions and recommendations, but this is not a viable marketplace. I wish the team success in getting some things figured out to bring in people who are looking for what we vendors offer here, and I hope they can make it happen in the next year. Until then, the only actual business traffic we get will be through our own websites, social media, referrals from friends, etc.

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yep…i had the same view but was wondering if anyone has had a customer.

Thank you.

no I have not seen any evidence of sales for anyone on this platform.