Compound movements for muscle building; yah I can do that!

Hello, Everyone!

Who is curious about pursuing muscle growth through strength and dumbbell exercises?

I am on a journey to discover my strength through different compound movements using dumbbells. I am a certified personal trainer and I like to exercise and develop myself. Who wants to go on a journey with me?

The journey:

  1. Attend free live meetings weekly for 8 weeks.

  2. Hold each other accountable and record progress.

  3. Ask questions and get tips, demonstrations, encouragement.

  4. Donations or positive reviews/ feedback welcome (I am looking to purchase equipment for my business and clients. Every little bit counts)
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*Important note: Muscle growth occurs over time through weight training and proper nutrition. Your journey - and mine as well- may take more than 8 weeks. But 8 weeks is a good start!
*Another important note: Make sure you’ve cleared this with your doctor. You should not perform an exercise if you feel severe or sharp pain! Soreness and mild discomforts of exercising are normal- but be sure to talk to your doctor.