Collage as a powerful tool ~ visual storytelling

Hi Everyone :relaxed: First and foremost, just want to say I so love and appreciate my Talktime family! The overwhelming pour in of encouragement, support and advice has been so helpful and I cannot say thank you enough!

I wanted to share some of the collages I have been working on lately.

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a close friend and creating a piece for him as we spoke. It was such a beautiful and organic experience.

I feel that my assignment in life is to connect, collaborate, and create with people through art and creativity. I was blessed with the exposure to the power of art from a young age and my goal is to share my wellness escape with the world.

Here is my latest handmade collage based on interviewing my friend:

Here are my most recent digital collage:

This one is of myself for myself :butterfly:

If you would like to connect, collab, create or just chat please pm me! & please follow my art Instagram page for more of my work

Much love :white_heart: