Coaching in Machine Learning with Python

You can have 1-to-1 coaching: £50/hour.

I have a course in Machine Learning (ML) with Python and Jupyter notebooks.
This goes from installing Python and Anaconda,
all the way to advanced ML concepts and how to make the best ML models.
I have this course, but we can go off-piste too.

What you’ll get:
A good understanding of the theory and practical practice with me to make sure you can actually do the ML and related things like backing up your code and setting up the environment so it works.

With any programming work, there are a lot of hidden troubles that most tutorials don’t talk about but take a lot of time to sort out and cause a lot of headaches.

I have already learned how to deal with these, so can guide you through and help with new problems too.

My background:
I have a PhD and 6 more years’ experience in Machine Learning in small and medium companies and a university department.

I’ve been learning all the time, including now.

Direct Message me if you’re interested.