Christmas/Holiday Writing Challenge!

In honor of the Christmas holiday tomorrow, I decided to start a Christmas/Holiday themed writing challenge. :christmas_tree:

In 1000 words or less, tell me about (1) a funny holiday event that happened this year/previous years… OR … (2) your most cherished holiday memory.

I know we all don’t celebrate Christmas, so feel free to write about any November/December/January holiday you prefer.

In this time of COVID, when we’re separated from our loved ones, let’s get together and share some holiday cheer with each other.

Merry Christmas, and have a Happy Holiday Season! :christmas_tree: :snowflake:

Here’s mine!

My favorite holiday memory is of going over to my great aunt’s house every Christmas Eve. She lived on a good two or three acres, and all us kids would run around her back yard, playing in the snow, as the adults cooked in the kitchen. After dinner, the adults would play cards, and my great uncle would bring out his Christmas figurine set so us kids could help him put it together. All the kids would then sit around and listen to my cousin read us The Night Before Christmas and then we’d usually fall asleep in front of the fireplace.

I remember my mom or my aunt waking me up every year so I could open presents, and all of a sudden there would always be presents under the Christmas tree. We would spend the next couple of hours opening gifts before saying our goodbyes. And every year, once we were back home, Santa had already came and dropped off all of my presents under the tree. (Of course, now I know it was a neighbor doing it, but I always believed it was Santa.)

I miss going and spending Christmases with my great aunt and uncle. I hope I can eventually get to do it again.

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I love all the small traditions that I do with my children. We have hot chocolate while listening to Christmas carols, we eat cookies and drink milk on Christmas eve, and we wake up super early on Christmas Day to open presents! We had a great Christmas this year and I am happy that my children were happy.


That sounds so awesome! Hope y’all had a happy New Year’s too!