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Ask me anything! Hello, I am Sha’Tonga from Atlanta, GA!

I am a wife, a mother of a 19-month-old, and I have a passion for God and life.

I have worked in the corporate world for 17 years running a Mental Health Resiliency Clubhouse for youth, in-home services to youth and families providing life and social skills, parenting, and much more.

I was a youth minister for four years until I moved to another state, where I met my husband.

I love working with individuals and groups and helping them reach their identified goals and dreams. My love for people begins with my relationship with God, which gives me so much faith and grace to extend his mercy, love, friendship, and listening ears to those who need support.

Going through my struggles as a mother (the angry mom :frowning:), wife (I mean, sometimes it’s hard to submit, RIGHT :blush:), believer (this walk is a lot, lord), and other aspects of life. By God’s grace, he has given me wisdom, strategies to overcome areas of my life that I would like to extend to others.

As a spiritual growth coach, I am here to help you as a believer in Christ to overcome the obstacles which challenge your thinking, habits, and dreams. To live intentionally and fulfill God’s will for your life, I will help you reach those goals.

My available services:

  1. Children/Teen
    • Social/ Life Skills
    • Self-Esteem
    • Anger Management
  2. Goal Attainment
  3. Spiritual Growth/Biblical
  4. Parenting Coaching

Private 1-on-1:
$30/30 minutes per session.
$50 1 hour session.
$100/4 Sessions.
*We can also create a customized package for your identified needs.

Zoom, phone, or video conferencing

My Experiences:
B.S in Psychology
M.S in Human Services Counseling-Life Coaching
Certification in Life Coaching
Certified Anger Management Specialist
Certified Parent Instructor Trainer



Payments accepted:
PayPal, Venmo, Cash App

For additional questions:
Please direct message me here on talk time, and I will respond within three business days.

What’s a fun fact about you?

My name means: Close to God’s Heart

What can you talk about for hours!

Christ and his finished work and this incredible life we live, my daughter, and experiences such as traveling and food.

What’s your favorite smell?

Cocoa Butter! I use this A LOT! :smile:

What are you proud of but never have an excuse to talk about?

How my parents raised me!

What’s one superpower you would NOT want?

Well, hey, I don’t have any, to begin with, LOL!!

What is the most normal thing about you?

I experience life just like everyone else!

What do you hate?

Evil and Wicked actions

My teaching style

I am down to earth. I laugh and bring humor amid our sessions. I do not dominate any conversation, but it is my pleasure to listen and ask permission to insert any wisdom, strategies, knowledge, or exercises in our sessions. I want you to feel comfortable, to take the lead, and discover that you have the wisdom and knowledge within.

What can you expect from my lessons?

For you to lead the conversation, and I’ll follow, assisting you on your journey to change.

Why me?

• Reliance on the Spirit of God throughout the coaching process
• Realistically optimistic and belief in my client’s potential
• Helps you to define success for you as God sees it rather than how the world sees it.
• Help you to operate from a foundation of faith in God
• Enables you to grow and achieve without compromising your dependence on God and
Christian values

 I work with everyone from different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds. I love diversity 
    Regardless of your experience is different than mine. We are here to learn and grow together.

Why I’m passionate about this?

I love to see the (Aha: bulb:) moments when individuals’ eyes are open to the truth, and their desire change is taking place.

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Awesome :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to our community!

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