Changing Life with COVID 19. Stressed, Demotivated, Need a Listener, A friend or mate ? Happy to help you!

Ask Me Anything :

I am Rohit from India. I am a Finance and Accounting expert by Profession but I love to connect with different people across the globe. I try to help them by understanding their situation and mental state.

How it works - To help someone it is very important to first Listen him/her. I am a good listener who can listen to your problem or situation you are in.

In the current scenario the world is facing tuff times with the outbreak of the COVID-19. People are miserable and need help and someone to listen them.

I am here to try to help you.

Connect with me :slight_smile:

My Instagram Username - thakur_rohit0210
Linkedin Id -
Email -


Private 1-on-1

*Price: $10 / hour
*Location: Whatsapp, Instagram


  • Price: $105 - $350/ month
  • Location: Whatsapp , Instagram.

Payments accepted

Google Pay, Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers*

How to buy

Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 24 hours by sending you a message on Talktime or email.

What’s a quality about you?

I am a fun loving person and can lighten up your mood to relax you in the tense situation.

What else you can help on?

I am an Accounting expert so I can help you on some accounting assignments (for students), in business (for professionals).

What you believe in?

Life is short to regret about things or situations. There are immense capabilities one may have the only thing is needed to believe in you and realize your powers.

If you feel the prices are too high do email me at, I shall do some concession.

I will be waiting for Emails from your side. Keep Smiling and Be Motivated.

Thank you