Change you DIET without SELF Torture.. Here's How.

Most dietitians or Nutritionist will tell you what NOT to eat, right away.
This is something we should do eventually, but not right away, that is, if you want lasting results and you don’t want your client collapsing into complete ‘culture shock’.
This is not only disappointing, it’s even sad fro some of us to be told,
“don’t eat this /stay away from that”.

This method doesn’t create hope or good habits. And that is ultimately what we are trying to do, is slowly change some habits into a better lifestyle.

FACT: It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. .

I call this method the 2-2-2 diet change.
I think simple is good.
I like to create little ways for ppl to remember a new habit, and to make it simple automatically takes the intimidation factor way down!

Here we go…
2-2-2 Diet Change

Upon Awakening: Drink 2 glasses of water, right away. Soon as you wake up.

ADD: 2 cups of veggies into your current diet

Drink: 2 more glasses of water 2 hours prior to bed (or however long you need to use the bathroom so it don’ts wake you too much during sleep)

Add a 20 minute brisk walk into your day or evening.

That is it!!

IF you do this and change NOTHING else, you will start to see results.
It may take some folks 2 weeks, others 4 weeks.
But you will see some good results.

After you adopt this simple but effective method, I would then start to evaluate the whole diet and see what we can begin to eliminate or at least eat less of / use as a treat etc.

I have tons of cool little tips and tricks. Stand by for more…

Hope this Helps.

Much Love


In conclusion: I wanted to share this old picture with you, this is the face you can make when ppl tell you to change your whole diet. hahahaha.
This pic is from 2018 when I had my epic Faux-Hawk … YEEEE. That was fun.