Certified Life Purpose Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach - Here to offer hope with a helping hand

Denise Cornier
Offer: 1 on 1 Sesssions
Price: $50/60 min sessions
Where: WhatsApp
Payment Method: PayPal
DM for booking and scheduling

About: Hello there! My name is Denise, and I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Certified Twin Flame Coach. My path led me to find my purpose in life and begin my mission as a Life Coach. I love nothing more than to help someone who needs guidance in life as I’ve known what it’s like to struggle and not know where or who to turn to. Life is challenging enough as it is without the pandemic we have faced this year let alone with it. I get what it’s like to begin to feel hopeless but I can honestly say there is always hope :heart: With a little guidance and work we can get through the challenging times. Whether you struggle in discovering your passion, or learning how to manage life’s stressors, or if you know the Twin Flame journey and are having a hard time navigating I can help.

Why Me?: I’m a very open-minded person and have been on my journey for the past 2.5 years. I’m patient and have a passion for helping others by motivating them and helping them see their true potential.

Who is this for?: Anyone who struggles to cope with the stressors in life from work to home life. Anyone who would like to find their purpose or their passion and anyone who is on the Twin Flame journey. All you need to bring is yourself, the willingness and the drive to do the necessary work to help you get to where you want to be.

What will I do?: I will help guide and support you the entire time. I will do this by working with you to discover where the work needs to be done using a 5-step process. I will also motivate and provide additional exercises that can be done in between.

Expectations: Follow through with meetings. If a booking needs to be cancelled, all I ask is that you please let me know 24 hours in advance. I also ask that there is no multitasking (other than taking notes if you need to) or distractions during our sessions. I have also designed for my sessions to be introvert friendly (I am an introvert myself) meaning that we can use a text approach via WhatsApp. I would also like to point out the text option is in addition to phone calls. Why WhatsApp? It’s one of platforms that offers encryption. I am also flexible, so if there is another platform you use just let me know. I will be open to 2 more additional platforms.

What will you get out of this? I hope that no matter what you leave with something new. Whether it’s new-found knowledge, a discovery, a new method, new perception, any kind of positive change that will impact your life in someway. I hope that we help you create a new stepping stone or multiple stepping stones and get you to where you want to be.

If you are ready to make lasting and positive changes in your life, I am here ready and waiting to help you get there :slight_smile:

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Hello Denise,
I’m a life coach as well so your post caught my eye. I wish you well on your coaching journey!! The world needs us, especially now!

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Thank you Tryphena. I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile: I wish the same for you as well.

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