Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Health Coach and Teen Coach

Hi my name is Toni, I am a fully qualified and certified Life Coach for adults and teens.

I believe it is never to late to become who you want to be, to let go of the past and imposed self beliefs and design the life you want.

I myself overcome losing my mum at age 8 to cancer, being married at 19 in an abusive marriage, single parenthood and then finding I was a BRACA 2 gene mutation carrier and having preventative surgery.

No ones perfect right?

I work alongside you to help you achieve your life goals just like I did at 38, its never too late.

I work alongside you via zoom or skype sessions to help you achieve the life you want, there is no gimmick its all about over coming fears, previous experiences and finding what it is you want out of life.
With a clean slate, motivation, a strong, positive mental attitude we can all achieve our dreams and passions big or small.

Arears of experience

Life Coaching & personal Development
Discover what you want from life and what is holding you back, together we build a road map to your future.

Teen Coaching
Being a teen is hard especially now days with social media and the options available to our kids at the touch of a button. As a parent of a 17 year old and with career experience I have seen first hand the damage emotional, mental, school and pier pressure can cause. Teen Coaching provides Anxiety Coaching, Social Coaching, Confidence Coaching and Career Path Coaching helping build mental strength and a clear path into your young persons future.

Confidence Coaching
Is a great tool in life, some people are blessed with natural confidence for others it takes practise and patience but it can be achieved, with confidence comes great success.

Emotion and Anger Coaching
Reacting on emotion can cause a whole host of new problems and regrets, sometimes hurting ourselves and others. Emotion Coaching can teach you to act on thought in a calm rational manner to achieve better results.

Spiritual Coaching
Is a fantastic way to find inner peace, harmony and happiness, find your sense of wholeness.

Future Planning
Plan Plan Plan with great planning achieve your goals from Career, Life, Saving to Travel

Family/Parenting/Home Life Coaching
Kids, partner, work, bills, cooking, house work can all be a juggling act together we make realistic schedules, meal plans we learn Communication Coaching, Compromise Coaching, Life Balance Coaching and Emotional support.

Negativity Release and Letting Go Coaching
Is about letting go of self imposed beliefs, childhood and adulthood trauma. We come across bullies at various points in our lives, traumatic events can happen at any point and these experiences can stay with us affecting arears of our lives without us realising it. Learn to let the past go and no longer dictate your future.

Mindfulness Coaching
Learn to live in the moment, become aware of your thoughts, and feelings instead of locking them away to build a huge internal ball of stress and despair. Mindfulness is a great tool to learn to slow down and enjoy the moment, learn to cope with problems without panic.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching
Is learning to be healthy inside and out, prevent burnout in your life, family and career. Learn to look after yourself to achieve maximum results in all arears of your life.

Marriage/Relationship Coaching
Individually or together Coaching for all relationships including family feuds, relationships and intimacy. Learn to hear each other, to communicate to find the peace again and harmony.
Rekindle the love the passion and the want or learn what it is that is holding you together and if it is what you truly want, you get one life be happy.

Anxiety/stress/Social Anxiety
Can impact our lives with massive consequences, it effects our social interaction, our dating life, careers and can cause ill health. Anxiety can come crushing down on us at any point in our lives do not let it destroy you. Anxiety can be managed and in some cases banished.

Weight Coaching
We all want to look and feel good, but there is no one size that fits all. If you want help with weight loss I can help you with Meal plans, Recipes, Time planning, Motivation, Mindset Coaching, Comfort eating and Stress eating. We look at the past, the who you want to be now and create the winning mindset to work on your health goal.

I am currently running a 60 day Jump Into Summer Health Plan with complete support at a reduced rate for 60 days to become the best healthy version of you.

Investing in your own future is the best way to creating your happy dream life. We only get one life so live it do not just survive it.

Please visit my website for full details of our services.


@ newyou_coaching

My prices are:

£45.00 per hour

£25.00 per hour for under 19s

£45.00 per couple per hour

Block sessions available at a reduced rate on request (excluding Jump Into Summer Plans)

£300 for the whole 60 days Health Plan including all support sessions
Can be split into 4 or 6 weekly payments on request

All sessions are completed over zoom or skype in complete privacy.