Certified Life Coach - Don't wait for others approval, find Unconditional Love for You

I faced ultimatums in life and felt like I was never in control of my journey. I was told: stop dating that guy or we are not coming to your graduation. I was told: be more productive or find a new job. I was told: try to get pregnant or this marriage is over. I was not enough, and others were in charge of my life, or so I thought. Over the last 3 years, I’ve changed and as a result, so has my life. I’m in control, and I am enough, and I have unconditional love for me. I have been coaching for nearly 13 years, and recently became a Professional Certified Life Coach because I’m dedicated to helping others have the results I have had.

People tell me in some way that they are not enough. I help people think, “I’m enough.”

I’m from Houston, TX, living in Baltimore, MD. I provide tools to change the mindset of the person who thinks they are not enough. I show you that your thoughts create your results using examples from your personal experiences or goals. I enjoy working with professionals in their 30’s to 60’s.

Once you start to believe you are enough, whether it be skinny enough, doing enough, smart enough, qualified enough, kind enough, then you can have the health, the body, the jobs, the relationship with kids or parents, bosses or in laws, that you want. You get to live the life you have worked so hard to create, and you can stop looking outside of yourself for validation, stop beating yourself up, and stop wondering what others think of you. This amazing journey is one I’ve been on myself and am honored to share with you.

The thoughts of not being enough had been with me for nearly 40 years and held me back from my truth, kept me feeling inadequate every step of the way, even though I had a happy upbringing, parents who gave me anything I needed, I became a physician, dated a lot, got married to a wonderful man, with financial security. It sounded like I should be happy, but I was always down on myself, thinking I wasn’t enough. I really started to struggle when my husband who I adored wanted children and finally, after years of back and forth, said he would leave if I didn’t decide to try to have children. This confirmed all my fears that I was broken and not enough. Coming out of that a strong, resilient, self confident, person with unconditional love for me is my greatest accomplishment. I know exactly how you can have the the results you want and deserve.

When you work with me, I will teach you The Thought Model, a framework to help see just how the thoughts you have are creating your past and current results. I will help you find thoughts that will create new results. I will help you see why you have patterns of thinking that are stuck in place, even though you are not getting the results you want. How do you know you have this? You have thought to yourself, ugh, why do I always do that or ugh, when will I learn?

I will help you see your thoughts, and in doing so, I may ask you to pause when you are speaking, I may ask you to write some notes, I may ask you questions about your feelings, and I may point out the thoughts that you are not seeing as thoughts but facts. You may say, I am fat, as if it’s a fact. I will continue to reveal to you that phrases you believe to be facts are in fact, thoughts.

Once you are interested, you and I will meet 1 on 1, on a complimentary Zoom call, to see if we are a good fit.

Fun fact about me, I can probably recite all the lines of ‘Pretty Woman.’

Private Coaching Package Rates - You have a choice of a 6 or 12 session package. Both packages are weekly, 50 min, 1 on 1, private Zoom calls with me, payable via PayPal.
**Private coaching Package, option 1: $660 for 6 sessions conducted over 7 weeks
**Private coaching Package, option 2: $1200 for 12 sessions (save $120) conducted over 14 weeks.
**Private Coaching Single 50 min session is $150
**Private Coaching Single 30 min session is $85

I look forward to having you see that you are enough and that unconditional love is waiting for you to have.

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