Celebrate your WINS!

Celebrate your wins!

Let me tell you why. Energy affects action in both positive and negative ways. The more energy and excitement you put into your wins the more energy and excitement you will have going into your next goal. Excitement builds your confidence. When you make dish you have never made before and it comes out good, or complete a workout that you didn’t think you could finish, what happens… you get excited and you’re more confident about what you just did right? The same holds true when your trying to reach a bigger goal that requires more steps. When you celebrate your wins the more confidence and momentum you build. Those little wins add up guys. Be proud of them! Use that energy and momentum to keep you going.

To many times I have run into people who tell me their goals and then tell me (with disappointment in their voice), that they have only taken the first step, or that they have ONLY done this or that. And to their surprise I’m ELATED when they tell me this! I’m excited FOR them! Why…because that first step or that “only” thing they have done is a freaking WIN ya’ll!
When you downplay your wins you are stopping the momentum, you are allowing the negative thoughts and energy to creep in and diminish your confidence.

Believe in YOU and be proud of your accomplishments, even if no ones else does.
Celebrate your WINS!