Caring for a sick spouse? - Find grief, anxiety, and stress relief for a better quality of life

Zak - Caring for a sick spouse? Find Grief, anxiety, and stress relief for a better quality of life.

Lets have a conversations. Whether you are looking for a listening ear or needing someone who has been in your shoes, please, let me help.

Price: $25/30 min
$50/1 hour

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My name is Zak. I lived most my life in small town with small town values. I moved to the city for a bit and that is where we found out my wife was sick. For years I was the sole caregiver for my spouse, who suffered a series of mental diseases that created mountains in our life I thought I would never overcome. My goal is to find people like me. Whose life has taken a sharp turn and now find themselves responsible for the care of others. I want to help manage, stress, time, resources, goals, and a variety of other topics that helps us live the best life during these challenging times.

Why me? Because over a decade ago I began spending years learning how to adjust to a new way of life, hiding my emotions, and not knowing who to lean on were constant stress triggers. I experienced depression, anxiety, felt lost and didn’t know where to turn. Through my experiences I can and want to offer solutions that helped me so that I can create a better quality life for you. We can’t erase our grief and stress, but we can manage it. I’ve spent years wanting to help others in any way possible and this is one of many ways I am fortunate enough to do that.

Ask me anything! I am here to help.


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