Broken can still be Beautiful

Have you ever seen those beautiful Mosaics? The ones that are put together piece by piece with colorful pieces of broken metal, stone, or glass?.

Most people often look at their mistakes, their failures, the bad times, their hard times, and dwell on them longer than they should. Thinking of them in a negative light. We all have good times, and we’ve all have had bad times. Some have made us, and some have broken us. What we don’t see is that it is not to those moments that shape our life, but it’s what we choose to do with those pieces of our life that will create our Mosaic.

A intricate masterpiece for others to admire and wonder just how something so beautiful can be put together by all those broken pieces. Pondering where each piece came from, and the story behind, and how its fit so perfectly with the others.

Stop looking at your mistakes and failures in such a negative way. Instead, pick up the pieces, even the broken ones, and put them together. They are worth more than you think!

Mosaic Pic.PNG