Bringing the Luxury of Personal Styling to Everyday People

Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet and feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear? Does the idea of shopping give you anxiety because you don’t know what to buy? Whether you are not sure how to dress for your body shape or you simply feel its time to revamp your wardrobe or change your image, I am your girl, I can totally help.
We will work together to define your individual style in order to express your unique personality through clothes and accessories.

Since we are helping each other, I will charge $70/hr for all services, consultation which involves body type and clothes that flatter your figure, online shopping and creating a mood board for your particular style.

Also, I will be blogging about fashion and style so you can also get useful material there. My goal is to make style simple for all of you guys.

Heya! I’m Joy from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a fashion stylist turned personal stylist. There’s so much pressure in fashion and I think really its just about identifying what you feel best in. It gives me so much Joy and fulfillment to style people and see the transformations and how much confidence people will have once they feel good in what they’re wearing.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments, I’ll answer them for free.

  • Price: $70 / hour
  • Location: Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp.

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Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

I drink 4litres of water everyday, can you believe that? :joy:

I really like fashion and I could talk about clothes for hours :sunglasses:

I like the smell of rain, apparently it has a name and I literally cant remember, If you do please tell me

What’s that superpower for reading minds called? Yeah wouldn’t want that

I would eat chicken everyday, literally

I hate lies because what’s the point? :weary:

Everyone has style, You just gotta find yours.

I am very friendly and I like people so always feel free

Cheers to looking like the best version of yourself with my help

I love fashion and find so much fulfillment when I help people define their style to express their unique personality through clothes and accessories.

Your go-to girl for all your style needs
I will change your life for reals.
When you show up for yourself in a powerful way, things start to change for the better. The way you dress is so much more than the clothes you wear.

*Cheers! * :kissing_heart: