Behind the scenes

I have a question for you. Are you fascinated by creative process? Are you fascinated by collaborative process in the performing arts? Do you enjoy watching behind the scenes footage, interviews with performers, creators, and directors, and producers of various art forms and learning about their trades? Or are you one of those people who would rather not know in order to keep the magic alive?

If you happen to be the latter type, I think I can somewhat understand where you’re coming from, but I happen to be the former, because for me the process itself is magical!

Who’s with me?

I would love your input, regardless of which one you identify with, it could potentially be an interesting discussion.

But for those of you like me, here’s a little something for you to enjoy as you go behind the scenes for, guess what…The Nutcracker! ( It’s my theme for December! :wink::laughing:)

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The rehearsals are great actually!
Thanks for sharing.

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You are very welcome @Sunny! Glad you enjoyed it!