Be the suspect to your future blessings!

Great Day Kings and Queen, too many times, I hear “I am here because of what so and so did” stop doing that!

Stop being a victim to your past hurts, take accountability for your role in YOUR life. At the end of the day if there wasn’t a gun pointed to your head there were decisions that YOU’VE made that allowed you to end up where YOU are.

Instead of being hurt transform that InnerG and mindset, choose your perspective. I have one for you. Whatever that is was a blessing, that relationship ending was a blessing. You learned from it. You will grow from it. And whatever happens from that growth will be for you best good!

Repeat this allowed “ I am not a victim of my past hurts, I am the suspect to my future blessings!”

Share your thoughts and lets discuss!

Stop playing yourself, love yourself!
Peace and Blessings :v:t5: