Be Still Yoga for Health and Self-Care that is good for those with chronic illness including obesity, heart issues, circulatory issues, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, and cancer

I am a mother, grandmother, sister, friend, facilitator, teacher, coach, and yogi and there are several reasons I would like you to join me in assisting you to reach whatever goals you have. Beauty lies within the person and sometimes we forget to be instead of do. We are afterall, human beings, not human doings.

Why do I believe in the practice of yoga for healing? First, I have always been an active exerciser and enjoyed several sports through the years, but as I aged, I wanted something to help me with the aches and pains and help me become more flexible. So, I delved into yoga and my yoga practice helped me with the flexibility and energy, but a surprise, was how much it helped me with stress.
Secondly, I had pain from some minor past injuries, arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms in my wrist and fingers, migraines, anxiety, and bouts of depression, and some low back pain. Yoga has literally taken all these complaints away, but I continue to practice. I really believe it to be a healer/helper to many health issues and would love to help others discover the same, especially those with chronic illness.
Third, I love how the spiritual is part of yoga. I am a very spiritual person and have enjoyed going deeper into meditation and also feel that yoga itself is a meditation practice as the breathing (pranayama) and the asanas allows one to forget about worldly things and concentrate on yourself, body, mind, and spirit.
Fourth, I am passionate about yoga because it makes me look and feel great and I would love to do the same alongside you and coach you in nutrition. I received my RYT 200 from Yoga Alliance in June 2020, but also have six years of prior experience.
I am not a licensed nutritionist, but I have a biology major and chemistry minor and understand well how the human body operates. I also have delved into study on the keto and paleo diets and fasting and eating well with the help of Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, L.Ac., FABNO and Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT in the book “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.”
Please join me on a new journey, your new journey!
Thanks for your time and Namaste.
Shelley Timmer @ BeStillYoga
Youtube video of a short practice for stress and anxiety taped this past March.

First visit with me is Free via Zoom where we will visit about you. I want to know what your needs and wants are and to visit about your current health; followed by a 15 minute yoga flow and 5 minute meditation time.
Direct message me and we can arrange a time.

Private sessions $50/hr or $25/half-hour via Zoom or in person if you live near me.

Group sessions may be possible in the future, dependent on clients and amount of interest.
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