Basketball Performance Coach looking for students

Hi, my name is Coach Adam and I’ve been a head basketball coach and personal trainer for 4 years since finishing college! Looking to expand online, feel free to support me :slight_smile:

What I’m offering:
-Personal Workout Program (in home or gym)
-Basketball Drills (Elite,Advanced, and
-Video Exercise Sessions
-Leadership Tips for Captains
-Advice for the Future

My packages include:

-1 Month: ($15)
Exercise Program, Drills, x2 virtual training meetings and 30 minute training video

-6 Month ($60)
Progressive Exercise Program, Drills, x12 virtual training meetings, Pathway to athletic success video, access to 30 minute training video each month

-1 Year ($100)
Elite Training Program with specific micro and macrocyclic variables to unlock complete athletic potential, College level drills, virtual meetings 2/month, Pathway to success video, specific 30 minute training video each month with progression. Included is an inside look at the most recent groundbreaking athletic findings and developments