Ask me about your New Idea, Inventions, How to Patent, Patent Drawings Etc

Hello, my name is Autrige Dennis and everybody online knows me for one thing. I help people take their ideas from thought to patent pending. I am a patent Illustrator and owner at ASCADEX a business I started in 2007 and operate from home full time.

While working in my business and helping inventors I realize that a person really do not need money at all to innovate and create a product. All a person has to do is know how to navigate the working of creativity, idea developing and patenting. When inventors come to me they have all of their questions answered.

Everybody has an idea. That is why I want you to connect with me so that I can help you bring your idea to life. Everyone who connects with me with get my three books free that shows you how to take your idea from concept to patent pending. Need patent drawings? I can help you with accurate patent illustrations too.

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Pandemic and Recession spurns innovation. This is the time to reinvent yourself. Connect with me and learn how you can invent an idea out of thin air, design it, develop it, protect it and sell it retail or license it to big companies.
I can help you find answers to topic such as:

Idea Development
Patent Pending
Product Development and many more.

I’m still working on this topic detail. More detail to come. Connect now and let me share with you the wealth of knowledge I have gained from helping inventors like you from all around the world.


Good day how are you? I got some things in mind, I would like to inquire on do your services entail concepts for live art or shows?

Angelika: I’m not sure what concept maybe you can call me at 914-803-3486 on phone or Whatsapp but my services are mainly for Patent and Invention Protection. Hope this helps.

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