As Me Anything on Electric Scooters and Skateboards

$10/20 minutes

My name is ChunFaye Wu and I modify a kick scooter to be electric power. The reason I modify a scooter is because I was interest in electric skateboard around campus, and I try riding my friend electric skateboard. It was fun but I wasn’t used to ride a skateboard. I was then I thought a scooter is better for me. The idea was stuck so I ended planning out my scooter. I search around for ideas and the current modify guide on the internet was not for me, so research into the electric skateboard modify guide and that how I base my current design. I talk a few months to get all the parts and material to come, but once I did, I start modifying. During the process I made a few mess up, but I persevere through. And the picture you see is the end product. I not going to stop there I’m planning to make a few changes and upgrade to make it better and look nicer than ever before.
With this I can help you make your decision on modifying your own electric scooter. I will be there as much as possible. You to can have your own modified scooter as well.

Contact me with my email then we can setup a Zoom meeting time to discuss you scooter. I hope we can see you scooter rolling out.