Are you tired of being afraid? I can help!

Hello! My name is Tryphena Wade. I am a Fearless Living Coach and I’d love the opportunity to help you work through your fears.

Life gives us so many opportunities to be controlled by fear. I know what it’s like to be full of fear; afraid to move, to make a choice, to make a change. I got to the point where I didn’t want that kind of life for myself anymore. So I figured out a way to get beyond my fear. I learned to recognize it, name it, confront it, and get to the other side. I began living a life not ruled by fear and sharing that life with others as a speaker, vlogger, and Certified Life Coach.

Let me help you!

This is what I offer:

One on One Coaching

  • 1 session: $75
  • 3 or more sessions: $60 each
  • 3 week intensive (one on one): $300

Group Coaching

I’ve also created two online courses, available here:
Fearless Living Society

It is time for you to start living the life you’ve always wanted to live, free from fear and full of vision, purpose, and joy.
Don’t allow fear to be the thief of your life any longer.

Welcome to The Fearless Life!!

Contact me here and I’ll get back to you so that we can talk more about your needs and desires!!

Hello. I would as to would love to get over my fears

Hello Princesses20. Thank you for your response. I’d love to help in any way that I can. I will send you an email and we can chat further!

Great thank you so much

Hello Khaylia,
Thanks for responding to my Talktime post. As stated in the post, I offer individual coaching to help you move past your fears. I can offer a single session, a series of several sessions over time, or a three week intensive course that we will work through together.
Here are my rates:
Single Session: $75
3 or more sessions: $60 each
3 week I tensile course: $300
We can schedule a consultation call if you’d like or you can share more of what you need in an email and we can go from there.
Let me know what you prefer.
I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

Tryphena Wade
Actor-Author-Fearless Living Coach