Are you ready to enjoy "The Game of a Lifetime?" Golf is awaiting

Services I offer

Private 1-on-1


How to buy

Ask questions in the comments. Direct message me if interested.

Fun fact about me

I can strike a golf ball with my eyes closed!!!


Hello and thank you for taking the time with me. I am Jeff deCoen, and I grew up in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and moved to resdie in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
My first interest was in the Legal Profession, having studied Pre-Law in College. This led me into the courtrooms, and was able to learn and obtain wonderful experience of so many things. Then I turned to LIFE (Living Intentionally For Excellence}. Here I was able to develop what is truly needed in the field of leadership. Being able to associate with two of the most renowned leaders in the world provided me once again with great insight.
My true passion has always be within the Golf Industry. Golf is said to be a “Game of a Lifetime,” and boy does that ever hold true. I have been in this wonderful profession for many years. I have had a great opportunity to walk countless fairways and read many greens for some of the best “professionals” upon the LPGA Tour. I have been able to compete, and record some championships, and now the road has a new “myVCoach.”


Certified Teaching Professional United States Golf Teaching Federation
LPGA Caddie/Coach


Tournament Player 30 (+) years Coach 20(+) years Taking what each individual brings and making it into something they can work with successfully. I teach anyone and everyone that they have what is needed to enjoy this game.

Who this is for

Anyone who wants to be a part of a “Game of a Lifetime”

What I will do

I show the fundamentals of the game of golf


Players of this game want to be able to understand what to do. Players of this game have the confidence needed to enjoy what it can bring. To leave any session better off then when you arrived.

Why me

I enjoy “teaching” and watching individuals accomplish and “master” this game of golf. Being able to “fine tune” the mechanics of the game of golf so that golf “is not a good walk spoiled.” I strive to make all see the positive.
I have had the wonderful opportunity to be around the Golf Industry for many years. The “relationships” that I have developed are ones that will last for a lifetime. Being able to put forth my knowledge and expertise so that others can truly enjoy what this games has to offer is priceless. See I knew how “to play,” but wanted to be able to “teach” others and see the rewards that it can give. I truly believe that it is time to “give back” to others what I have been able to experience during my lifetime.
Being able to share my many years in this Industry, and having worked with all ages…male and female alike. Being able to show individuals what they have and what they can develop so that they are successful in their endeavours.