Are you in need of a kitchen makeover and don't know where to start?

-Do you have a great idea but have a hard time envisioning it in 3D?

-Are you hesitant to pay design fees to be stuck with a cabinet line you’re not crazy about
Or a service you aren’t thrilled with?

My name is Anne-Marie Klobe and I’ve been a kitchen designer for the past 15 years!

I am offering a 4 week session with you to discuss the aspects of a kitchen in detail and then I will design it for you based on your measurements, pictures, inspiration photos and our discussion. I have been working like this virtually for the past five years! The first couple may be in a group format, then it will be a one-on-one consult afterward.

Week 1: We will discuss kitchen terminology through a PowerPoint presentation: I will review Storage options/ Design/ Cabinet options, wood species, paints, vs. stains, etc. to familiarize yourself with your options

Week 2: We will discuss in detail how to measure your kitchen. You will then submit measurements, pictures, and inspirational photos to me.

Week 3: I will work with you individually to discuss your kitchen and changes you want to make

Week 4: I will be sending you your design and we will review in depth and make changes as necessary

You will have a packet, complete with floor plans, elevations and perspective views that you can bring anywhere to finish your dream!

Please see below for an example of what you can expect from me and I look forward to working with you!

Starting Cost: $1395 (Payable via Venmo or Paypal)
Platform: Zoom or phone

PM me to coordinate a day and time that works best for you!!

Screenshot 2020-11-28 153934

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