Are you a nurse feeling overwhelm or afraid

Hello, my name is Henrietta and most people call me Ms. Effie because of my native name . But on this platform I will be ok if you call me Henrietta to keep things simple. I am here for you to ask me questions and also to mentor nursing students , nurse practitioner students or high school students struggling about the career part to take . I am also here for fellow Practicing nurses who might have questions on their day to day struggles with the covid or work situation but just need someone to talk to , I am also here for you . Do you have medical questions that you are shy about asking in public I can also help with that. Fellow nurses starting out in their professional career and don’t know the part to follow I can help you making that choice . I am a family nurse practitioner but I can talk about any life challenges that you are interested in talking about because I have seen it all. If you need coaching and would want a fee for service platform I am also open to that where you will be given undivided attention. See my websites and see if you need any service that I offer that might be of interest to you.
[Virtual clinic]