Anything CONSTRUCTION - Homebuilding, Estimating, Project Management, etc

Hi! I’m Mike from Omaha, NE, USA (originally) and currently living in Daphne AL, USA. I’ve been in the construction/engineering industry for over 30 years…I can give you advice on building a house or dealing with your contractor, estimating the cost of a new project, or teach you about commercial construction project management…anything you might want to know as it relates to construction.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile:

I will help you for free. Here’s how it works:

  • Ask me your question in the comments. If you would like to ask an anonymous question, that’s fine. Please be respectful.
  • If you would like me to take a look at something, post a photo or video. For videos, upload to YouTube then include the video link in the comments.
  • Please give me up to 5 business days to respond to your question.


Private 1-on-1, Packages, or Groups

  • Price: $50 / hour
  • Location: Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.

Payments accepted

PayPal, Venmo, CashApp

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

Interview with Talktime

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m an only child and so is my mother.

What can you talk about for hours?

Golf, tennis, politics

What’s your favorite smell?


What’s one super power you would NOT want?

Who wouldn’t want ANY superpower!?

What is the most normal thing about you?

There’s nothing normal about Engineers. :slight_smile:

What do you hate?

Ignorance…wish I could educate more.

Anything else that you’d like to share?

Above all else, my goal is to help you!

In my words

I’ve been teaching at the University level for 9 years, have given at least a dozen all-day seminars on the topic, and have provided content for on-line continuing education (both written and oral) on multiple occasions.

My teaching style

I prefer to get the student to engage and interact.

What can you expect from my lessons?

More info that you probably need (or want).

Why me?

I have WAY more than 10,000 hours of experience.

Why I’m passionate about this?

I love my job.

What else I can do?

I’ve been a life coach…I know how people can make improvements through (written) goals. I can provide a framework for self-improvement based on a simple formula: A (s+k) +G = PBC --> IR. Ask me what it means…