Any work for a recent college grad?

Hello, I’m Spacetomato and I’m new here! I recently graduated college last month with a degree in journalism and I have been job hunting nonstop! It’s been almost a month now, but with no luck. I wanted something remote because the virus is getting worse where I live. I’ve applied to 99+ jobs on indeed, 87 on LinkedIn and now I’m on glassdoor. Can someone recommend something?

Also, the work doesn’t have to be journalism related, at this point I’ll take anything!)

Decide what type of job are you looking for then Create a Resume specialized for it (Detailing your skills and achievements in that Area) Then look for it in sites and apply. Sometimes the job sites have outdated information so make sure you regularly look for updates on websites.

Find out specific companies that you really want to work for. Then get to know them. Call their office and ask questions about what they’re lacking, what they’re doing well. After this send a personal letter through the mail, (try to find out the name of the person who will be reading it.) and just explain who you. Don’t ask for a job but ask a question or two about their company to show that you know a ton, and probably a lot more than most of their employees do. If they have any serious problems offer some good advice, or some help in order to solve their problems. This way they see you as someone competent, who is out to help them, and someone who gets things done.


Thank you I’ve never heard of this strategy before.

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Not sure if you’d be interested but I run career coaching programs, helping current students and recent graduates break into their industries. Primarily I focus on the sport industry but would love to create a program with you if interested. We run through networking tips, cover letter and resume review, interview practice, etc. Reach out and I can provide more details!