Another Week Living the Freelance Life

So this week has been pretty cool. I was able to attract a couple new clients and provide them with some mixing/mastering services. One project was a Pop/RnB record that the artist produced and recorded themselves. It turned out to be not a lot of tracks and overall a pretty easy and fun song to work on. The only hiccup was the original rhythm guitar was recorded low, so when I brought the levels up, you heard a lot of electrical noise. The artist ultimately just recorded another take, and all was well with that. The other project was cool because I didn’t even have to mix or master it. All the artist needed was some pitch correction work. I didn’t use autotune because it tends to make things sound too perfect and robotic, which wasn’t the desired result. I did, however use Melodyne to give it a more natural sounding texture. Another cool thing was that the artist asked me to tune not only the singing parts, but also the rapping bits. Which honestly I never had someone request that before. It was cool getting her cadences to land perfectly in pitch, again, without autotune. Both clients were happy with the results and I was paid half up front, and half at the end. I just wanted to share this with you because I plan to start blogging up here more and sharing my freelance adventures. I’m very thankful for these gigs because last week I attracted a bunch of issues with my vehicle and was a bit stressed about it. The universe always comes thru in the clutch! Hope you guys are enjoying your week thus far. Peace and much love!