Addiction to Computer's and Reducing Screen time

Hello All,

I. “Lets Kick Anxious Energy into 2021.” I need to improve my technique to reduce my additions to all computer products (such as Laptops , iPhones, iPad, Android Phone, and tablets). I love working and searching on the computer evening during the late hours of the night such as 1:00am.

Screen Time: When is it too much time?

Who is interested in joining the journey?

More info about Screen Time:

Lets Improve Our Journey for The Screen Time with Computers!!!


The Goal to achieve this addiction is to ACT Now.

  1. Acknowledge the addiction
  2. Create a Change Plan
  3. Timeline to make changes in 60 days
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There are many people using their PCs, Laptops and other computers for school, work and other business requirements. We want to make sure to include some family, relax, and meditation time for relaxation.

What do you do to reduce your screen time away from the computer?