Accounting/Math/Finance update classes

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Hi! I’m Juan Carlos from Acapulco, Guerrero in Mexico and currently living in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. I help people that need help on classes with Accounting, Math, Statistics, Spanish and any Finance/Accounting issue they need consulting with.



I will help you for free. Here’s how it works:

  • Ask me your question in the comments. If you would like to ask an anonymous question, that’s fine. Please be respectful.
  • If you would like me to take a look at something, post a photo or video. For videos, upload to YouTube then include the video link in the comments.
  • Please give me up to 5 business days to respond to your question.


Private 1-on-1

  • Price: $18/ hour
  • Location: Zoom, Messenger, Google Meet or phone.


  • Price: $150 -$600/ month
  • Location: Zoom, Messenger, Google Meet or phone.

Small Group

  • Team size (up to 5)
  • Price: $300 per student($132 Off)
  • Length: 4-weeks
  • Meeting: 3 times per week
  • Session length: 24 hours
  • Location: Zoom, Google Meet
  • Start date: New groups start monthly

Payments accepted

  • PayPal, Transferwise, MercadoPago, Bank Wire

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

My teaching style

Demonstrative with examples, very patient

What can you expect from my lessons?

To always be as clear as crystal for you. My material is prepared specifically for you before our meeting

Why me?

I will not rest untill you understand what you asked me to clarify for you.

Why I’m passionate about this?

Because a lot of the things I know today wasn´t available for learning everywhere, I had to struggle and work hard for my knowledge. I like providing these to others.

What else I can do?

Any Personal or Proffesional consultation you need on the matter of finance and Accounting.

Professional Experience

Martinez Financial Group - Financial Products Sales Executive
I was in constant communication with the clients by attending their concerns regarding their money and any future investments they were considering.

ABC Digital - Digital Marketing Analyst
I was in charge of creating a fitting marketing plan considering the needs of the client and the market ´s requirements.

Impulsa - Financial Analyst
My main concern was to ensure that the shareholders where always in good terms with the decisions of the board and to ensure that the projects were operating succesfully.

Faurecia - Accounts Payable Intern
I was all about posting invoices for their payment in the scheduled time. i was processing about 300 invoices a day. This experience helped me improve on my processes skills.

Faurecia - Intercompany Accounts Payable Analyst
I started analysing on what the company needed and what was required from me instead of just following orders and doing what i was told. A great personal improvement for me.

Grupo Salinas - JR Sales Agent
Great for my sales experience. I was asked to contact different businesses and offer them our product which was an electronic wallet that allowed us to pay with our phones.