Acceptance- how does it work?

What is acceptance to you?
Is acceptance healthy for a relationship or should we change each other?

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Hi Tward152,

This is how I understand Acceptance. for me acceptance is the ability to see both sides without any judgement.

you are right that acceptance is healthy for a relationship because through acceptance both person who are involved in the relationship can be who they are. Ofcourse it depends on what kind of acceptance that we are talking about.

Changing others is quite an impossible things to do because we dont have any control over the person. If the persons wants to change or not its all up to that person.

but we can definitely change ourselves if we want to.

I hope I make sense, how bout you how do you see acceptance?

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Acceptance is accepting the person the way they are, inside and out. If they do things you don’t particularly like then you have a choice, find a way to accept it, talk to them about it or leave.
We have no right to demand that other people change because we don’t like the way they are. We need to understand going into a relationship that you need to have your eyes wide open. And that a relationship is hard work. We all change from time to time and life happens. We need to support each other no matter what happens.
I also think this is true of our family. We shouldn’t walk out on our family when things are not going our way, when they are going through a rough time.
What do you think?


If I may say… my best example I have seen on this subject by whom Eartha Kitt… my favorite interview :slight_smile:


Hi Tward152

I completely aggree on what you written about acceptance… I know that we all have a slightly different interpretation about things but that message is the same… I can really feel what you have said there…

is there something in your life situation now that you need to practice acceptance?

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thats is very powerful interview,

she know that love is a state! and falling in love means falling from our head from analytical mind into the state called love…

and love has to be shared thats why no compromise… compromise is for logical mind to calculate how much we give and how much we get… thats why she said when being ask “if she analyze then she can give a logical explanation” but love is illogical requires no explanation… She loves to fall in love!

Thank you for sharing this video its wonderful to hear and watch