A wife and mother in the age of covid

As we all know, covid -19 has changed the lives of many all over the world.
Life is not the same any more! I used to at least have some free time, but everyone is home! When my kids when off to school, I had at least 3 hours to myself, before, I went to my part-time job, which was right at my daughter’s school.
One the bright side of things, I have time to learn many things online, such as learning new languages, finance, and meeting new people and sharing ideas.


From one mom to another, just know you are seen & appreciated.


Hello Kara! Thank you so much for your response. May you have a blessed weekend!

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I’m proud you can see things from different perspective and harness benefits out from this situation. At this point, I’m literally gone silent and accept this reality. I calm myself down and continue with what I can do to forget the pain because in the middle of lockdown everything suddenly collapsed on me: family, job, relationship. Maybe sometimes people need to take some times off to learn from life lesson and now is the opportunity.

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That is so true to what you are saying. This covid situation, has made me count my blessings even more every day. Makes you realize what you really have in front of your face .

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Saw your comment on my listing. The lessons are held Via Zoom! Made it easy to connect with anyone!