A Holographic experience

As a kid that grew up in the 70’s, I was always fascinated by them, or the very thought of experiencing a hologram of any kind.
It wasn’t a requirement for me to ‘own’ such a device that could project a Holographic image, but what could be more cool? There was a “Hologram Man” comic there for a minute for Gods sake, and I loved them!

A few decades later, ok Four Decades later, my son gets Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality gear for Christmas.
I Love VR, and I purchased his first headset for his PS4.
If you haven’t experienced V.R. yet, I suggest for you to go for it. Seize that moment if you see or hear of an opportunity.
(*As you practice social distancing, use face covering, wash and sanitize often;)
For a very, and quite Possible view of the future of VR, I totally recommend the movie ‘Ready Player One’.
Currently, some of the games available are pretty awesome for Ps4 and Oculus. Like for example Star Wars for Oculus Quest.
My son and I were playing it last night, and so I tossed on the goggles and went browsing through a spaceship.
I was having a great time, figured out that a triangle headed bolt needed a triangle head Socket on some type of ratchet that I Just so happened to have magnetized to My Chest!! :astonished::smiley:

I opened a few panels, bypassed the wires/cable to gain entry to the digital, hydraulic (?) doors and to the next room.
Wrapping up;
For every accomplishment, you get access to one of the three buttons on your digital, gauntlet, wrist thing, And the last button you press is a…Hologram!! :astonished::smiley::+1:
It’s real (looking) and Right…There on your Arm!!

Ok, yeah, it was only VR, but after All of these years, the torturous wait is over.
I experienced a hologram. :wink:
“Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disa…”, ok but anyway…

…I thanked my son, and told him what he had just done for me, and now that my inner child is here and just told you about what happened to him. He also wants to wish everyone a Happy/Happier New Year, while he’s here, and extends his hopes and prayers to, and for you and yours.

Here’s to dreams, no matter how new, old, and small or tall, coming true for you All!

*Edit: :flushed: I just realized that a lifelong dream just came true for me in 2020! :pleading_face:
I’ve yet to receive the conviction of extra prayer to spare me from dying and going to hell, but it’s not My fault a dream came true for me in 2020!!
But it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


Wow Derek, once again you have impressed me with your ability to draw the reader in with such descriptive language, charm, and humor. Please keep it coming, you have such a talent!


Cara, thank you so much. :relaxed:
I am, however, in desperate need of an editor…lol.