A holistic way of a new healing modalities

My Mission and Vision Statement:

My Mission is to provide an alternative holistic therapy (Body-Mind-Soul), this kind of healing modalities is not a medical therapeutic approach but a very well natural and spiritual manner. An alternative way to help and guide a person who is under stress and exhausted life: Relationships, Love Partners, Family, Marriage, addictions & obsessions, anxiety and depression, challenges in career growth and development, body pains, and other deeper psycho-physiological problems. Persons who want to be stress-free and to have a clear straight path, towards success and healthy life.

​The vision of my freelance services is not only to give an alternative holistic therapy; but also to facilitate, educate, and to equip a person to have a variety of self-help techniques; generating emissary in holistic therapy, by improving their inner-skills and potential talents to help the poor and the needy that through all these things the paying forward philosophy is also a way to promote “good karma” or good deeds to others enable to tap the universal wealth, and lastly to promote the fundamental knowledge of[ metaphysical healing that it has also a unique way to help the person illnesses and deepest challenges of his/her life. In general, the Metaphysical healing modalities is a kind of holistic healing with a blended scientific approach and a touch of a divine source of life.

Jericho Ibanez, NCII, CLC, NLP, RMT, DD, Ph.D.
Metaphysician/Life Coach/Holistic Therapist