2021 is starting out right!

This week, I’m spending time with my middle daughter and wife. What a wonderful day. We spent the day reading while sitting in a cabana on the beach.

My wife and I have been married for 33 years! We dated each other 5 years prior to our marriage. She is still my best friend, the person I want to help, care for, and visit with everyday. I’m blessed.

Tomorrow I will help one of my three daughters with some handyman type stuff, and then she is off to work.

My wife and I will go to an art museum, some shopping, and possibly take a boat ride.

So far 2021 is starting out right. Can’t wait to get the vaccine! Ready to have everything and everyone able to move around the country without worrying about this virus.


Happy New Year to you! yes… it is feeling like a year full of promise and HOPE…
Good Luck and happy trails to you and your beloved wife!